Sunday, December 17, 2017

Panday: Kublalsingh should not have to starve for his cause


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Former prime minister Basdeo Panday yesterday said there was no reason that Dr Wayne Kublalsingh should have to starve for his cause. Just after midday yesterday, Panday arrived to applause as he stepped under the tent where Kublalsingh was resting outside the Prime Minister's office in St Clair.

"I'm worried that you may injure yourself beyond repair," Panday said.

"The thing that I find unacceptable is that she refuses to keep her word that I think is strong," he said.

Panday said once again the Government has handled this situation incorrectly.

"If I was Prime Minister, I would not have allowed it to reach this far.Wherever there is a human problem there is a human answer and if it was handled properly, you will find an answer," he said.

"I am glad that you accepted me to come and meet you," he said, referring to the harsh dismissals that both Health Minister Dr Fuad Khan and Congress of the People leader Prakash Ramadhar faced when they attempted to meet with Kublalsingh over the past three days.

Kublalsingh kissed Panday's hand and told him when his hunger strike was completed, he expected to eat breakfast with the former prime minister.

He said he wanted a plate of chorai bhaji, roti with butter and cup of tea with condensed milk.

"I will cook it for you, but for a man who is fasting, you are brave to think of food," Panday said.

Kublalsingh sought Panday's advice on a revolution.

"Do you know the word revolution, Mr Panday? Have you ever used that word? Because that is what the people have to do," Kublalsingh said, laughing as Panday responded that he used that word when he was young.

"I used to say the time has come for us to 'revolute', I had created a new word," Panday said which made Kublalsingh laugh.

Kublalsingh likened Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar to an effigy.

"She has become an effigy that they are holding up and she has no power and all the power and the wickedness resides around her, she has no power at all and it is a sad thing because I loved her once and I supported her once and I still do love her," he said.

Kublalsingh was also visited once more by Fr Clyde Harvey who admonished those in Government who sought to belittle Kublalsingh's spiritual journey.

"This has moved beyond mere politics. If it ends in his death, God alone knows what that political impact would be, but he has reached a point where he is bearing a very powerful witness and those who simply see him as a child or a liar don't have the foggiest notion about what this is about," Harvey said.

Kublalsingh was also visited briefly by Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing and former Government minister Lincoln Myers, who delivered a letter to the Prime Minister, offering his services to help resolve the situation.