Friday, February 23, 2018

Paralysed deaf-mute commits suicide

A 43-year-old deaf/mute man, who became paralysed last year, committed suicide on Thursday.

Wayne Carlos Sookhoo, of St Croix Road, Princes Town, used the railing of a wheelchair ramp at his house to affix a noose.

Sookhoo's sister, Patricia Sookhoo, said over the last six months her brother had been depressed.

"He said he would rather die than continue to live," she said.

Sookhoo said her brother was able to communicate with the family. She told the Express that her brother was rendered paralysed last March after he was brutally beaten in Princes Town.

She said he was collecting bones for his dogs, next to a restaurant, when a garbage truck approached him. Sookhoo said her brother did not hear the truck, as he was deaf.

Witnesses told her that one of the refuse collectors, not knowing that he was a deaf/mute, approached and accosted him and began beating him.

The sister said Sookhoo was found on the roadway near a gas station in Princes Town.

He was so badly beaten that he was left paralysed from below his waist.

On Thursday around 8 a.m., Sookhoo was found dead by another sister, Cheryl-Ann Jennings, who lives next door to his St Croix home.

Police said Sookhoo was found with a piece of cloth tied around his neck and the other end tied to the railing.

District medical officer Dr Baliram pronounced Sookhoo dead at the scene.

Police said foul play was not suspected.

Cpl Callender of the Princes Town Police Station is continuing investigations.