Saturday, February 17, 2018

‘Parasite’ pleads guilty: jailed for hijacking car

A MAN who carjacked a driver at knifepoint was sent to prison on Wednesday for three and half years.

In passing sentence, Deputy Chief Magistrate Mark Wellington described Visham Katick, 24, as a parasite who preyed on others for the sheer joy.

The court heard it was around 10.15 p.m. on July 21 last

year, the victim was dri­ving his Nissan B14 car valued at $35,000  when he picked up Katick and another man in Gasparillo.

Katick sat in the back seat and the other person was seated in the front passenger seat. They told the victim they were going to Williamsville.

On reaching their destination, the man in the front seat said it was a hold-up and pulled on the handbrakes of the car, causing it to stop, police prosecutor Sgt Veano Ragoo said.

“(The other man) hit the VC (victim) a cuff to his face whilst the defendant placed a sharp object to the victim’s neck, causing him to become fearful for his life,” Ragoo said.

 The other man told the victim to leave the money but the driver escaped. Katick and the other man drove off with the car.

The victim went to the Gasparillo Police Station to make a report and while there, the car was brought by police officers.

The victim pointed out Kat­ick as the person who was in the back seat of his car at the time of the incident. Katick later told the police, “Yeah, we take the car.”

Further investigations were done and Katick was charged with robbery with violence.

Before Wellington yesterday, defence attorney Subhas Panday said his client, a tile fitter, had no previous matters but had pending cases before the court.

He said his client had pleaded guilty to the offence and had already served a year in prison.

Wellington told Katick, “You are like an insect that lives off 

the blood of others.... You are a parasite.”

He told Katick the factors in his favour in sentencing were the

victim did not die and the car was recovered. 

Katick was sentenced to three and half years in jail. On the prompting of his  attorney, Katick thanked the magistrate.