Thursday, February 22, 2018

Parties all file nomination papers

All candidates, whether from the Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP), People's National Movement (PNM) or The Platform of Truth (PFT), have expressed confidence of a win in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election come January 21.

The three main political parties in the race filed their nomination papers yesterday.

Scarborough/Calder Hall is a three-way fight between PNM candidate and current THA Chief Secretary Orville London, TOP candidate Anthony Arnold, who lost to London in the 2009 election, and Andre Phillips of the Platform of Truth, who lost his deposit as an Independent in 2009. After filing his papers, London said the process was a smooth one as the PNM party had a dry run. There were no challenges, he insisted.

"The PNM is quietly confident. The issues have been properly articulated to the people and this has resonated to them. Once this continues we will be in good stead," London said.

Phillips said, in reporting for duty to represent the people, it must be noted that this election is crucial and critical for Tobagonians, while attorney Arnold also expressed confidence.

Ashworth Jack, TOP leader and candidate for Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah, was still riding high from his party's presentation of candidates on Sunday.

On the TOP's chances, Jack said: "We feel fantastic, we feel great."

TOP candidate for Lambeau/Signal Hill, Pastor Robinson Alleyne, said Tobagonians are looking at the issues of the day.

"I feel really great about the TOP's chances. People are really seeing the issues, he said.

PNM candidate Sheldon Cunningham, who will come up against TOP leader Jack, knows he will be in for a tough fight.

"Never felt better," said Cunningham. "I know the chances might be tough on the ground, but I have done my work and it will be up to the people of Tobago to choose me as their representative."