Friday, February 23, 2018

Pastor who committed suicide after killing brother, cremated


Pastor Vishu Lutchmansingh's wife Tricia, hugs their daughter Alana, during yesterday's funeral service at Belgrove's Funeral Home in San Fernando.

Donstan Bonn

ALMOST two months after he killed his brother then killed himself, Pastor Vishnu “Kitty” Lutchmansingh was cremated yesterday following a funeral in San Fernando.

Lutchmansingh, 54, shot and killed his brother Kishan Lutchamansingh, 44, and attempted to kill his nephew, Timothy Janitan, before setting himself on fire at the family's Las Lomas

home on March 31.

At the time of his death, Lutchmansingh faced multiple counts of fraud, in which he is alleged to have taken millions of dollars from people with the promise he would repay the money, since he was the sole beneficiary of a multi billion dollar estate left by a deceased American industrialist.

Lutchmansingh's nephew Amos Dadbahal yesterday spoke at the funeral held at the Belgroves Funeral Home and called on mourners to remember Lutchamansingh for the good deeds he did, instead of the bad.

Dadbahal said: “The family tried to forget the one percent of bad that he did, and remember the 99 per cent of good that he did.”

Lutchmansingh’s son Aaron was too distraught to attend his father’s funeral. His wife Tricia was seen holding their daughter Alana and weeping.

Investigation officers was unsure whether  the charred body they found in the burning home was that of Lutchmansingh and was ordered DNA tests which confirmed the identity last week.

Lutchmansingh was the founder of Faith Sanctuary Family Ministries.