Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Pastor: No rest for murderers

Funeral for man killed over two years ago


mysterious death: Darren Mason

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THE persons who killed 23-year-old Darren Mason and desecrated his body will not rest in peace until they have repented for their actions.

They will be judged by God if not man.

This according to Rev Roger Rahamut†who officiated at the funeral service for Mason at Belgrove's Funeral Home, San Fernando, yesterday.

The remains of Mason's body were laid in a simple closed casket adorned with a single bouquet of blue flowers and two pictures of Mason.

Mason, of Issac Avenue, Pointe-a-Pierre vanished on January 15, 2008 after dropping a sister off in Marabella.

One month later, a hunter stumbled upon a burnt body at Caratal and information police received led them to believe the body was Mason's. The skull was damaged leading investigators to believe he may have bled to death from cerebral injuries.

Last month, homicide officers visited Mason's mother, Sherifa Molly Curban, and showed her the findings of the DNA tests. On Thursday, all paperwork was completed, allowing the family to conduct the final rites.

Rahamut said, "Life is like a vapour. It appears and disappears. God giveth and God taketh and sometimes when men believe that they can take life, there is going to b a judgment day that is going to come. We did not give life and the Bible said we cannot take life. It is unfair to you and I."

He said: "I can give an assurance the individuals or the people who were involved in this, God would not give them peace till they come to repentance. God would not give them a joy till they come to repentance and when these people stand before the judgment bar of God they will have to give an account."

Rahamut told the family God will be the one to comfort them during this difficult time even though many may question him as to why Mason had to die the way he did.

Ginger Ramberansingh, Mason's eldest sister, delivered the eulogy.

She described him as a fun-loving person who was always willing to help someone.

"We will not sit here and pretend that we are not hurt, angered and appalled by his death. We are. Yet we have faith that there is life after death and that his soul is with God, in a better place than we are.

"Today we do not want to dwell on how he was takenówe have had two long years to do that. Today we remember those fun, quirky special memories that are embedded in our minds, engraved on our hearts and feed our souls.

"Today we remember Darren, a son, a brother and a friend," said Ramberansingh.†