Sunday, January 21, 2018

Pastor calls for more love in T&T

Funeral for slain firefighter...


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AS the relatives of murdered firefighter Natalie Pierre-Boyce filed out Trinity Cathedral yesterday morning, some of them cried and shouted, while others muttered loud enough for anyone to hear that they would never want to live in East Port of Spain.

It appeared that the outpouring of emotion was reserved for the latter portion of the almost two-hour funeral service for Pierre-Boyce, 31, who was struck by a stray bullet to her chest on the night of December 30 during a lime at the Jackson Hill, East Dry River home of a friend of hers.

After being shot, Pierre-Boyce managed to stop a taxi and asked to be taken to Port of Spain General Hospital, where she was pronounced dead a few minutes later.

Delivering the homily during the service was Pastor Fabian Sandiford of Petit Valley Pentecostal Church, who opted to address the congregation after a special request by Pierre-Boyce's family.

He preached for more love in Trinidad and Tobago, stating: "I would like that people could love and care for each other and show each other more concern because my friends' life is short but death is sure.

"Don't give Natalie any flowers when she's dead. You should have given her when she was alive," said Pastor Sandiford, adding that how one treats people during their life would determine if they will earn a place in Heaven.

He said that one's close association with "messengers of God" will have no bearing when they get to Heaven because they will not be asked how they treated the preacher, pastor, priest or pundit but how they treated everyone else.