Thursday, December 14, 2017

Pathologists: Cause of death ‘undetermined’

Kublalsingh autopsy

THE body of Ray Kublalsingh was too decomposed to determine what caused his death in a forested area near his home last week. 

This was the conclusion of two pathologists who worked together on the autopsy yesterday at the Forensic Science Centre, St James. 

The cause of death was therefore recorded as “undetermined”. 

The autopsy was done by pathologist Dr Eslyn McDonald Burris, and, upon the family’s request, Dr Hubert Daisley.

Ray Kublalsingh was the father of environmentalist Dr Wayne Kublalsingh.  

The family had initially decided that two autopsies would be performed, but later decided to have a autopsy with the State’s pathologist and an independent pathologist. Kublalsingh said the pathologists found that he had hit his temple, but found it was not enough to cause his death. They believe further that the 81-year-old man who previously had a triple by-pass heart surgery, may have suffered cardiac trauma. 

Kublalsingh told the Express: “His body was too decomposed. They found that he fell and hit his temple area, but it wasn’t enough to cause his death. They believe that something triggered the death. The assumption is that some event happened either caused by some natural factor that caused some kind of cardiac trauma, or some unknown trauma. It could have been that the blow caused some trauma or some external event which caused that cardiac trauma. 

“The cause of death could not be determined, but they are suggesting what might have happened given the state of his heart. His heart may have already been so bad that something would have triggered the trauma”, he said. 

The search for the missing Ray Kublalsingh ended on Friday with the discovery of his body several metres from his home at Kowlessarsingh Trace, Union Village. 

The environmentalist said the funeral arrangements will proceed as planned today at 10.30 am at the Susamachar Presbyterian Church followed  by  cremation of the body at  Belgrove’s Funeral Home in San Fernando. 

“We will not have another autopsy. We will not pursue the matter further. If the police want to pursue it they have the file to do so,” Kublalsingh said.