Friday, December 15, 2017

Patron pulls it down for Swappi


‘IT WASN’T ME’: Marvin “Swappi 4D” Davis

Mark Fraser

Marvin “Swappi 4D” Davis gave a near x-rated performance at the Evolve All-Inclusive in Chaguanas on Saturday.

When Swappi 4D was introduced by the MC, several patrons were overheard saying: “Hope he keeps on his clothes.”

His performance was going very well and the crowd was lapping it up until a female patron went up to the stage and pulled down the zipper of his pants.

Swappi responded: “Nobody could say I pull down my clothes, she pull it down for herself,” and continued his performance.

There were numerous reports on social media last week that Swappi was under investigation for indecent exposure, but the allegation was denied by Marlon Grant, who was acting on Swappi 4D’s behalf.

Grant said Davis is not the person in question.