Wednesday, January 17, 2018

‘Peacemaker’ murder victim laid to rest


snuffed out: Fr Urban Hudlin, right, nephew of murder victim Knolly Hudlin, consoles Knolly’s wife, Phoebe Ryan, during yesterday’s funeral service at Belgrove’s Funeral Home, San Fernando. —Photo: Innis Francis

Mark Fraser

THE FUNERAL service for murdered Penal resident  Knolly Hudlin was held yesterday at Belgrove’s Funeral Home in San Fernando, where he was remembered as a peacemaker.

Hudlin, 62, of Penal Rock Road, was stabbed to death by a relative at his home on Carnival Tuesday. A suspect was arrested on Sunday at a house in Princes Town but has not been charged.

 There were police and army officers outside the funeral home yesterday.    

In her eulogy, Hudlin’s niece, State attorney Tricia Hudlin-Cooper, described him as the family peacemaker and a loving person. 

She said Hudlin, the father of four, was always the one to pacify a row rather than start one. 

She said he was the kind of person who dismissed trivialities and moved on, adding that he had a special love for his family, especially his grandchildren.

Hudlin’s nephew, Fr Urban Hudlin of the Holy Cross Priory at Calvary Hill in Arima, officiated at the service. 

Hudlin said his uncle’s life was snuffed out in a gruesome manner. 

He said the deaths and devastation caused by the “gruesome violence”  were affecting the nation.

“We need a strategy, a new approach for this season of violence. Oppressed people repeating violence is what we are experiencing today,” the priest said.

Following the service, Hudlin was laid to rest at the Batchiya Public Cemetery in Penal.