Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Penal/Debe wants more $$

...this year $23 million was allocated, with a further $10.7 million to be requested.

THE Penal/Debe Regional Corporation needs another $10.7 million

in order to complete projects in the area, according to its chairman

Premchand Sookoo.

Sookoo made the disclosure during the Corporation's monthly statutory meeting at its office at SS Erin Road, Debe on Monday.

In 2013, said Sookoo, $20 million was allocated by the Local Government Ministry. This year $23 million was allocated, with a further $10.7 million to be requested.

Sookoo said the Corporation will be requesting $25 million for the next fiscal year, which begins in September, since it intends to replace 53 wooden bridges with concrete structures and continue construction and redevelopment of roads and drains.

The Corporation also wants to develop a nature park in Quinam, Penal and there is a proposal to acquire State land for this purpose.

Alderman Hyacinth Rampersadsingh said that at a retreat which the Corporation held in Tobago earlier this month, council members discussed the allocation of funds for the next fiscal year and a proposal to have the Penal/Debe area move to borough status.

Rampersadsingh said the infrastructure development and construction of the University of the West Indies campus, the Institute of Technology (MIC), the National Energy Skills Centre (NESC) and On-The-Job Training (OJT) Centre meant that some of the criteria for borough status had been fulfilled.

Other councillors at the meeting spoke on the development of roads, drainage and infrastructure of recreational grounds within their designated electoral districts.