Friday, February 23, 2018

Penny: PNM not ready

THE People’s National Movement (PNM) was not ready for the “one man, one vote” system, said Pennelope Beckles-Robinson, hopeful for the post of party political leader.

Beckles-Robinson made the statement yesterday as she spoke to members of the media after casting her ballot at Arima Central Secondary School.

Beckles-Robinson said while she did not experience any hiccups as she attempted to vote, there were many others, including her supporters, who were unable to vote because their names could not be found on the voters’ list.

“I think there is clearly miscommunication because that list came out Friday and I am not going to place anything in the context of deliberate, but it is clear that we were given a list and this is happening at several constituencies,” Beckles-Robinson said.

Beckles-Robinson said having one polling station in a large constituency such as Arima proved to be a difficult challenge for persons living further east.

“It is ridiculous, as a matter of fact it is quite outrageous because people have to be very committed to leaving Paria to vote and there is absolutely no transportation, so we have to provide transportation.

“We simply were not ready for this one man, one vote, it is a task of being ready for 81,000 members,” Beckles-Robinson said.

However, Arima Mayor George Hadeed had a different view on the situation.

“It is a good system, it has revitalised the members of the PNM, the election was very well fought and it shows that the PNM is very much alive,” Hadeed said.