Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Penny ready for debate against Rowley

Pennelope Beckles-Robinson who is challenging People’s National Movement (PNM) political leader Dr Keith Rowley for leadership of the party has said she is ready, set and willing to debate head to head with on one condition—that the debating body be totally independent.

“I am ready, any day, any time. I will always be ready and willing to talk about the PNM and my vision for the way forward,” Beckles-Robinson told the Express.

The Halyconia Foundation had written both Beckles-Robinson and Rowley inviting them to participate in a debate prior to the PNM’s May 18 internal election.

Asked whether she will accept the invitation, Beckles-Robinson expressed concern over the independence of the debating body.

She noted that recently two executive members of the Halyconia Foundation were on the i95 radio programme expressing their public support and endorsement for Rowley.

“I support and welcome a debate but it must be on a forum that is devoid of any political prejudices,” said Beckles-Robinson.

She said while all members are free to support the candidate of their choice, it should not taint the independence and sacredness of a debate.

Beckles-Robinson asked whether there were attempts to score “cheap political points” by attempting to host a debate with apparent political bias in favour of her opponent.

Beckles-Robinson reiterated that debating core issues was a healthy part of the democratic process but she emphasised that it must be free, fair and of impeccable integrity.