Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Penny stocks up during market walkabout

 With her bag of och­roes in hand, she stopped to buy plan­tains from Paul, a mar­ket vendor from Toco. 

“Give me four of that,” she told him and he

com­plied, telling her: “That is $15.”

“I want a pawpaw—a half-ripe one,” Pennelope Beckles-Robinson told the lady standing behind a table of yellow­ish paw­paws as she posi­tioned herself for an impromptu news con­fe­rence with TV6 and the Sunday Express yesterday. 

It was shortly after 9 a.m. and Beckles-Robin­son was nearing the end of her two-hour-long cam­paign walkabout at the Port of Spain Cen­tral Market in Sea Lots yesterday where she was seeking the support of PNM followers to unseat the political leader of the

People’s National Move­ment (PNM), Dr Keith Rowley, in the May 18 internal elections. 

Beckles-Robinson is yet to hold a political meet­ing since announcing her candidacy for the post of political leader.

Her small group, clad in jerseys and caps with the PNM logo, invited people to support Beckles-Robinson come May 18, greeting well-wishers—some of whom were not supporters of the PNM or who weren’t even registered to vote in the upcoming elections.

The Sunday Express spoke with several of those

with whom Beckles-Rob­in­son inte­racted, asking if they were going to vote come May 18.

But at least one man said he was not even aware he could vote in the inter­nal elections. 

Market vendor Paul complained to Beckles-Ro-

­binson that the PNM does not come to the country. 

He knocked the United National Congress (UNC)MP for the area, Dr Rupert Griffith.

“So what you think about me running?” Beckles-Robinson asked. 

“You going nice, you going nice,” he answered. He complained about the crime situation, say­ing

it was affecting his bus­i­ness since he no longer comes to the market early but in “daylight”.

He complained ven­dors can no longer come to the market at 4 a.m., for fear they will be robbed on the highway. Paul said he is not voting. 

Michael Rodgers would

not say who he was voting

for. But told by Beck­les-

Robinson there were some who said she should not be challenging the lea­der,

Rodgers said, “You should

do it. That is de­mocracy. You still a PNM but some­body must challenge.”

A group of three men greeted her, “Morning sister, we supporting you all the way.”

The Sunday Express asked them if they were PNM members and if they were registered to vote?

“No, we not regis-

­­tered,” they answered.