Sunday, December 17, 2017

Penny’s brother charged

Possession of guns, ammo...

THE brother and nephew of People’s National Movement leadership hopeful Pennelope Beckles-Robinson were charged with gun possession yesterday and are expected to appear before an Arima magistrate today.

Earlier police reports were that a cache of illegal weapons and ammunition were seized and 11 people arrested during early morning raids carried out by Northern Division police at two houses in Malabar, Arima on Saturday morning.

Around 5 a.m., officers of the Northern Division raided the relative’s home and another residence nearby following a tip-off.

The arresting officers conducted a news briefing at Arima Police Station later Saturday morning, when they displayed the cache of arms and ammunition. 

Officers confirmed that one of the houses is owned by Beckles-Robinson’s relative.

Police said search warrants were presented at both houses, located at Phase III, Malabar, after months of surveillance. 

Police found one AK47 assault rifle, one pump action shotgun, one .44 revolver and one .357 revolver inside the Swift Avenue, Phase III, Malabar residence, where they arrested four people, including a man in his mid-20s, (who police described as the main suspect), along with three other people in their 50s.