Monday, February 19, 2018

Pet adoption drive a success


LEAVE NO ANIMAL BEHIND: President of Animal Alive, Kathryn Cleghorn, completes forms for Jenny Sirju and Desmond Persad, during the organisation's adoption drive at South Oropouche yesterday. The couple adopted their newest pet dog, Chester, during the drive. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

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SEVERAL dogs and cats were joined with families as Animals Alive hosted an adoption drive yesterday.

One such family was that of Adita Lutchman, of Chaguanas. Lutchman hugged the newest member of the household, a black mixed breed dog, at the adoption centre in South Oropouche. The dog was a surprise for her mother.

"My mom wanted a dog and I decided to adopt, rather than purchase one," Lutchman said.

It was the first time an adoption drive was held at the organisation's newest location, which accommodated 220 animals. By 1 p.m., 25 dogs and three cats had been adopted.

Three and a half acres of land was donated by Myrtle Partap for the animal sanctuary. Bechtel International and several other companies rendered assistance over eight weeks to create the facility.

Manager Brian Byrne, of Ireland, said the organisation hoped to raise awareness of the proper treatment of animals.

"It is a vicious cycle when kids grow up and see how people treat animals," he said.

He said they hoped to go to schools to educate children and also have the elderly visit the area.

President of Animal Alive, Kathryn Cleghorn, said the response to the adoption drive was "extremely encouraging". She said Animals Alive was the "only no- kill animal charity in the Caribbean", adding if an animal is unable to be adopted it will live the remainder of its life in dignity at the sanctuary.

She said they plan to host a fund-raising event at Space La Nouba, La Romaine, on June 19.