Thursday, January 18, 2018

Petrotrin should pay for losses

...urge oyster, crab vendors

VENDORS who sell crab, oysters and conchs retrieved from the south-western peninsular are calling for a meeting with officials of State-owned Petrotrin to discuss compensation for losses in income during the offshore oil spill. 

Members of the Crab, Conch and Oysters Association said they, too, have suffered tremendous losses since their catches are covered in oil which has seeped into the Aripero mangroves. 

Vendor Asha Sylvan said she and others harvested oysters near the mangroves at Mosquito Creek, La Romaine. However, because of construction of the extension of the Solomon Hochoy Highway occurring in recent months in that area, she and others had to go in search of oysters in the Aripero mangrove. 

Sylvan, who went out to sea aboard a fishing boat yesterday to show members of the media the damage done by the spills, said within the last two weeks, the oil had covered conch, crabs and oysters. 

“Sometimes, when we go to dig for these things, they are either dead or dying, covered in oil. We cannot sell some­thing that is contamina­ted with oil and chemicals, so we are not making money. Most of us have already used the little savings we had du­ring Christmas. So we do not know what is our next move,” said Sylvan. 

She said vendors like herself were seeking compensation from Petrotrin, other­-

wise, they would seek advice on their legal options. 

Petrotrin has been meeting with fishermen between La Brea and Cedros, and last week began compensating fisherfolk for losses.