Friday, February 23, 2018

‘Petrotrin worker fired for oil spills’

 A Petrotrin employee has been fired in connection with the recent spate of oil spills and for possible involvement in an oil-fuel bunkering ring, CNC3 television reported last night.

The employee, whose name has not been disclosed, is suspected to be part of a group of employees who may be illegally selling oil fuel, and the company believes the 11 oil spills that began on December 17, 2013, may have been an attempt to mask the fact that fuel was missing, the report stated.

Petrotrin chairman Lindsay Gillette last night could not confirm the termination as he has been out of the country for the past three days.

Contacted by the Express via telephone, Gillette said: “I have no knowledge of that but I know that a lot has happened in the past few days.”

Since the spills star­ted, the company has claimed “sabotage” appears to be the cause as some of the leaks occurred with equipment previously found to be in good condition and tampering which requi­red spe­cialised tools.

Petrotrin president Kha­lid Hassanali could not be reached for comment last night.