Sunday, December 17, 2017

Petrotrin oil spill victim suffers miscarriage

A WOMAN living near the scene of last month’s oil spill into the Guaracara River, Marabella, suffered a miscarriage on Saturday.

The 29-year-old mother of two, who asked not to be named, wants to know whether the oil that seeped out of Petrotrin’s Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery, was responsible for the death of her unborn baby boy.

The woman said she had a normal pregnancy until Saturday morning when she began experiencing severe abdominal pains and haemorrhaging. 

She was rushed to the San Fernando General Hospital. 

The woman, who was six months pregnant, has since moved to her mother’s house in Tarouba. She had left her home at Centeno Street last week Friday with her two older children, ages eight and ten months, because of the smell from the oil.

Last month residual slop oil from the refinery seeped into the Guaracara River causing many residents in Marabella to fall sick. Residents complained of feeling dizzy, vomiting, skin rash and eye irritation. A committee of five residents have been representing the community as discussion continues with Petrotrin on how best the company can make amends and assist the residents affected. 

The grieving mother said she was not given a proper explanation on what caused her miscarriage. The doctors conducted an ultrasound which showed the baby in distress, she said. 

The mother said doctors tried their best to save her son, which she had planned to name Kayleon Juma Troy. 

When asked if she believed the oil spill contributed to the death of her child, the mother said, “I don’t know if that (the oil spill) is what caused my son to die. I just having a feeling that thing (oil spill) is what caused my lil boy to get sick.” 

The father of the baby said, “I just trying to keep it together but nobody could understand this feeling. I wouldn’t get a chance to play with my boy.” Alleyne said he intends to have an autopsy conducted and a funeral for Baby Kayleon on Friday. 

Alleyne said he was not sure whether the oil leak was responsible for his wife’s miscarriage.

He said, “No money can compensate me for the loss of my son. All I know is she get sick after it (oil spill).” 

Another six-month pregnant mother, Krystal Green, is meanwhile concerned about the health of her unborn child. 

She said, “There are eight pregnant mothers living near when the spill happened. No one concerned about us. Some of them feel to give up the fight against Petrotrin. I don’t want anything to happen with my baby, this whole thing so sad.” 

Several days after the spill, a Petrotrin medical doctor  advised Denacia Davis, another pregnant resident, to leave her home as a precaution. 

Head of Communications at Petrotrin, Joy Antoine, told the Express yesterday: “We do not have any information on the subject matter.”



Petrotrin stated in a release on Monday that the second phase of medical evaluations had started for Marabella residents.

The release stated that the Petrotrin team had completed clean-up of the slop oil which had seeped into the Guaracara River.

“During the height of our clean-up operations, we utilised all possible human and equipment resources to ensure that the slop leak was cleared. As such, personnel on site during the clean-up represented a cross section of our operations and the equipment used included vacuum trucks, skimmers, containment booms, pumps and absorbent,” the release stated. 

Petrotrin stated that the majority of the leak was contained within the Pointe-a-Pierre Refinery, the residual slop oil, which seeped into the Guaracara River, was also contained, so that the material did not enter the marine environment.  

The company stated that no potable water was affected by the leak and no chemicals were used in our clean-up operations along the Guaracara River.