Thursday, December 14, 2017

Phase II to defend title in position 10

Reigning Panorama champion Phase II Pan Groove will defend its title playing in tenth position in the National Panorama Large Conventional Steelbands competition, at the Queen’s Park Sa­vannah in Port of Spain on March 1.

Former champion Neal and Massy Trinidad All Stars, who took the lead in the semi-final round of the competition, will play in ninth position.

Single, small, medium conventional and large conventional steelbands yesterday drew for playing positions at the National Carnival Commission’s (NCC) VIP lounge, Queen’s Park Savannah.

Pan Trinbago president Keith Diaz said while the NCC has assisted with $600,000 for the Groovy Soca Steelband Competition, which will be held on Carnival Monday, he is not pleased with the overall sponsorship of the competition.

Diaz said the aim of the competition is to revive the dying trend of having steelbands on the road on Carnival Monday. At stake is $150,000 in each of the regions.

“Here is where you have to build young arrangers. Young arrangers have to get an opportunity to play and to do their music on the road. Young people now are more moving towards groo­vy soca music, so we decided to have a competition to encourage steelbands to come on the road in Trinidad and Tobago, in the North, in the East, in the South and Tobago, all four regions of Pan Trinbago.

“We just received $600,000. We have received some money from the Office of the Prime Minister for the groovy soca on the road on Carnival Monday night and that will be added.

“We are looking to bring the pan back on the road for Carnival and in communities. Not everything is happening in Port of Spain; things must also happen in the east, north,south and Tobago,” Diaz said.

Diaz said sponsors are still needed for the Jouvert Bomb competition.

Eight connoisseurs of pan who have made an impact with the national instrument outside of Trini­dad and Tobago will be honoured by Pan Trinbago during the Panorama competition.

Diaz said their names have been submitted for consideration for national awards here but they have not been considered.

“Throughout the years, members in the pan fraternity have been recognised by England, the United States and Japan, and we at Pan Trinbago submitted their names for awards here and they were not even considered but we have decided to honour them for their viable contributions,” Diaz said.

The awardees are Russell Henderson, Sterling Betancourt, Augustus Pepe Francis, Brent Holder, Sonny Blacks, Cliff Alexis, Grandville Sealey and Michael Mannish Robertson.

order of bands


1. San Juan East Side


2. T&T Fire Service

3. D’ Original Woodbrook


4. Trinidad Nostalgic

5. Uni Stars

6. Scorpion Pan Reflections

7. Hope Pan Groovers

8. Scrunters Pan Groove

9. Brimblers

10. Curepe Polyphonics

11. Carib Woodbrook


12. Shades in Steel

13. Pan Jammers

14. Trinidad East Side


15. Pan Elites

16. La Creole Pan Groove


1. Facinators Pan Symphony

2. Codrington Pan Family

3. Laventille Serenaders

4. Pandemonium

5. LH Pan Groove

6. Crescendoes Musical

7. Arima Golden Symphony

8. Petrotrin Siparia Deltones

9. Super Novas

10. Moods



1. Melodians

2. Carib Dixieland

3. NGC Steel Xplosion

4. Pan Elders

5. Valley Harps

6. Petrotrin Katzenjammers

7. NGC Couva Joylanders

8. Courts Sound Specialists

of Laventille

9. Arima Angel Harps

10. NCB Buccooneers


1. Cal Invaders

2. NLCB Fonclaire

3. NGC La Brea Nightingales

4. WITCO Desperadoes

5. T&TEC Tropical Angel Harps

6. Republic Bank Exodus

7. PCS Nitrogen Silver Stars

8. Skifflwwe

9. Neal and Massy Trinidad

All Stars

10. Petrotrin Phase II

Pan Groove

11. BP Renegades