Monday, February 19, 2018

Phillip in row at daycare centre: cops called out


DEVASTATED AFTER SONíS DEATH: National footballer Marvin Phillip with his son Matai.

Mark Fraser

Still grieving over the death of his ten-month-old baby boy, national footballer Marvin Phillip early yesterday morning went to the day-care centre in Chaguanas where his son was found unresponsive in a car seat three weeks ago.

Police said Phillip smashed a glass pane at the centre and was acting in a violent manner.

The incident occurred at Anointed Angels Day Care at Cicada Street, Edinburgh 500, Chaguanas around 5.30 a.m.

Investigators said a team of officers visited the scene. The officers were given instructions to lay charges against Phillip, but the owners of the day-care centre asked that he not be arrested for the offence.

The owners live on the same compound.

Phillip, a goalkeeper, was in Argentina with the Trinidad and Tobago team when he was informed of his sonís death. The Express was told that Phillip smashed a window and had to be restrained by his teammates when he heard the news.

Baby Matai Phillip was dropped off at the day-care by his grandfather on June 5. An hour later, his mother, Leslie Ann Halls, received a call that the infant had been taken to the Chaguanas medical facility.

Little Matai was dead by the time his family arrived. They were told that the boy had been crying incessantly when placed in a crib and was taken out and strapped into a car seat.

An autopsy done on the toddler showed that the cause of death was positional asphyxia.

At the babyís funeral service, his father had to be restrained by relatives as he cried for his baby boy.