Saturday, December 16, 2017

Pierres cop Jouvert King, Queen crowns

...ex-cop Natty is their dad


CHEERED: Rondell Pierre was crowned Jouvert king with his depiction entitled "I love Kamla because of her Leg-a-cy". —Photo: ANISTO ALVES

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The brother and sister pair of Rondell Pierre and Lillian Pierre, with portrayals designed by their father ex-policeman Natty, combined to successfully parody Prime Minister Kamla Persad-Bissessar and Minister of National Security Jack Warner at yesterday's Downtown Carnival Committee's Jouvert celebrations at South Quay, Port of Spain.

Tobago Organisation of the People (TOP) political leader Ashworth Jack and People's National Movement (PNM) deputy political leader Orville London were also the subject of satire, but the different satirical portrayals of Persad-Bissessar by the Pierre siblings were the ones that emerged victorious during the individual presentations yesterday, which were officially kicked off at 4 a.m. by Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing.

And at South Quay, the majority of the Jouvert bands made the Austin "SuperBlue" Lyons "Fantastic Friday" hit the song of choice when they crossed the judging point.

In the individuals competition, Mayor Lee Sing crowned Pierre the Jouvert king with his depiction entitled "I love Kamla because of her Leg-a-cy", which mocked the Hoop of Life launch when NBA star Shaquille O'Neal was a guest.

Pierre dressed as O'Neal in basketball gear and his props, which included a mannequin with a ball attached to outstretched arms, representing Persad-Bissessar, a mobile basketball post and ring and a basketball.

Pierre then bounced and dribbled his ball around the mannequin, often intentionally dropping the ball near so he could take a peep at the legs.

For the grand finale, Pierre left the ball on the ground and lifted the mannequin towards the ring, imitating the publicised picture of Persad Bissessar being lifted by O'Neal to place the ball in the net.

The only twist was that the mannequin was wearing a skirt and as Pierre lifted it towards the ring, the skirt would ride up and expose more of the legs.

The early morning crowd reacted to the interpretation and cheered Pierre's presentation.

Eric Nicholson secured second spot with his presentation of "Too Many Case Swept under the Carpet", where he literally swept boxes marked Section 34 issue and Crime under a carpet, while George "Bonnie" Dieffenthaller, father of soca artiste Kees, claimed third spot for his portrayal of "Orville London is not so good-looking but...". Dieffenthaller was dressed in a red shirt and black trousers with a PNM tie and had a mask of London which he removed to expose his lighter complexioned- face. Then he lifted a placard stating "He is fair".

Deputy Mayor of Port of Spain, Keron Valentine crowned Pierre Jouvert Queen, for her portrayal "Which is impossible, Jack stop lie-ing or I stop drinking?".

Pierre kept the judges' and crowd's attention as she pushed a cart she entitled "Kamla's Favourite Place" from which she withdrew a bottle of Absolut Vodka which she poured into an empty water bottle before she exercised. She also took out a bottle of Black Label Rum which she mixed with milk in a coffee cup next to a sign stating "Breakfast". On top the cart, was a torso lying down which when she commanded it to get up, didn't.

2011 champion Helen Fullard grabbed the runner-up spot with her portrayal of "Which is the PP's favourite line in d anthem of T&T". Fullard suggested it was "We pledge our lives to you" with the consonant V scratched off in 'lives'.

Pierre's sister Lynell Pierre was third with her "Sugar Aloes throw he pride away to eat ah food from PP".

Both Pierres thanked their father Natty for his work and said they had been competing in Ole Mas for the last six years.

Several bands crossed the South Quay judging point including Two Mothers Jouvert, De Posey & Bedsheet Brigade, The Trini Forum and O Mudder of D Ert, the first three blaring "Fantastic Friday" for their revellers to cross the stage.