Tuesday, January 16, 2018

‘Pixie was raped six times before murder’


witness claims he confessed: Paul Vincent is before Justice Mark Mohammed in the San Fernando First Criminal Court charged with murdering Pixie Lakhan and also with killing Taramatie Toolsie.

Mark Fraser

SIXTEEN-YEAR-OLD Pixie Lakhan was carried into the bushes, raped six times over a four-hour period, then strangled with herschool belt, as darkness fell.

This was the testimony yesterday of Insp Sean Dhillpaul, who said the details were given by Lakhan’s alleged killer Paul Vincent during a police station interview a month after the girl went missing.

Vincent had previously denied he knew anything about the girl’s disappearance, but later allegedly told the police it was he who raped and strangled the teenager, Dhillpaul testified.

Vincent, 33, of La Brea Trace, Siparia, is before Justice Mark Mohammed in the San Fernando First Criminal Court charged with Lakhan’s murder and also with killing Taramatie Toolsie.

Toolsie never made it to work on April 16, 2005. Two days later, her body was found covered with tyres and garbage bags down a precipice at La Brea Trace, Siparia.

Vincent allegedly confessed to police officers that it was he who killed 40-year-old Toolsie.

Lakhan went missing after leaving school on March 22. Her remains were later found in a bamboo patch near her home.

On April 22, 2005, Vincent, who was detained in connection with Toolsie’s killing, sent a message that he wanted to see Dhillpaul, the court was told yesterday.

Dhillpaul testified that he was unaware as to the basis of the request, but Vincent told him it was in connection with the “death of Pixie”.

Dhillpaul said, prior to this, he had no information that Lakhan was dead and asked Vincent what he knew about this.

“I, Paul Vincent, rape and strangle Pixie,” Dhillpaul testified Vincent said.

Dhillpaul said he immediately cautioned the accused and told him of his rights and privileges.

The previous day (April 21), Vincent was interviewed about Lakhan’s disappearance and he denied he was responsible or had information into the missing teen, Dhillpaul testified.

Around the time Lakhan disappeared, Vincent told the officer he was liming with friends and spent time with his child’s mother.

Dhillpaul said Vincent later confessed in a statement that he murdered Lakhan and signed and dated the document.

In the interview, Vincent told officers he killed Lakhan on a Tuesday. He allegedly recounted that he was on his way to Siparia from Palo Seco when he saw a schoolgirl drop out of a taxi. She was heading up Spring Trace, Siparia.

Vincent allegedly said he dropped out of the taxi he was in and began following the girl. He confronted her along the lonely hill.

Vincent was unarmed and he told Lakhan, in a rough, violent tone of voice, to walk. He took her to a bamboo area, Dhillpaul testified.

Vincent told her that he wanted to have sexual intercourse with her and she said no.

Dhillpaul said he was told by Vincent that he ripped off all the girl’s clothing and he undressed. He raped her six times.

“When it started to get dark, I strangled her and threw her body in the bamboo root,”  Vincent allegedly said.

Vincent described the girl and her uniform to the police. He said he strangled her first with his mauve rag and then with the white belt from the school uniform she was wearing. He left the belt around her neck.

Asked how long he stayed in the bamboo area, Vincent said it was about four hours.

“That is it,” the officer testified Vincent said after giving the interview.

Vincent allegedly told the officers he would take them to the scene and also give them a statement, but he asked that this brother be present.

Dhillpaul said that when the accused man’s sibling came to the Siparia CID office, Vincent told him words to the effect, “Carlon, you see the (Toolsie) murder I get charged for and the schoolgirl who get kill in Spring Trace, I do that.”

Asked by his brother if this was so, Vincent said: “Yeah, I kill them.”

The double murder trial is expected to continue tomorrow.

The State is being represented by attorney Tricia Hudlin-Copper.

Attorney Rekha Ramjit, who is being instructed by attorney Michael Rooplal, is representing Vincent.