Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Plymouth/Golden Lane

Candidate profiles:


From left: PNM CANDIDATE: Godwin Adams, TOP CANDIDATE: Certica Williams-Orr, TPT CANDIDATE: Hochoy Charles

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The Express today concludes its profiles on the 36 candidates who will be contesting 12 electoral districts in the Tobago House of Assembly (THA) election on Monday.

Over the past 11 days, the electoral districts of Bacolet/Mt St George, Belle Garden East/Roxborough/Delaford, Bethel Mt Irvine, Black Rock/Whim/Spring Garden, Buccoo/Mt Pleasant, Canaan/Bon Accord, Goodwood/Belle Garden West, Lambeau/Signal Hill, Parlatuvier/L'Anse Fourmi/Speyside, Providence/Mason Hall/Moriah, Scarborough/Calder Hall were featured and the candidates vying to represent the people of these areas shared their vision why the people should elect them.

Today, the Express looks at the 12th electoral district of Plymouth/Golden Lane which has been represented by the PNM for the past four years.

According to the Elections and Boundaries Commission, some 3,701 people are registered to vote in this area.

A total of 44,601 people will be heading to the polls on Monday, according to the EBC's final voters' list.

The Express spoke to the three contenders for the electoral district who shared some of the plans they would make a reality if selected.

PNM candidate, incumbent Godwin Adams, 54, THA secretary for Labour and Settlements was asked: Why should you be re-elected?

His response:

I brought efficient and effective representation to the electoral district Plymouth/Golden Lane over the years.

We achieved over the years and the development process is not a destination but a journey and it continues.

We would have seen coming on stream the re-construction of the Plymouth Recreation Ground. We also had on stream the construction of a new 100-foot wide bridge that enters into the community of Plymouth.

This bridge brought great ease to the traffic situation.

We also saw the construction of affordable houses for worthy applicants in the Adventure Housing Development.

We also had the construction of community commercial vending and also the construction of the Bethel Multi-Purpose Community Facility.

In the area of Les Coteaux we had the upgrade of road infrastructure by putting in drainage, retaining walls and other works. At Golden Lane we introduced a new road network which facilitates an easy flow of traffic.

We also upgraded Sea View and Coffee Piece roads and also had extensive work done in the Sandy Hill Culloden Road area.

We had roads works done in the Mount Thomas and Woodlands area.

We had the completion of the community centre which includes an area for health services.

We also upgraded the school compound to allow playing of netball and football.

In Les Coteaux we constructed a youth development centre and early childhood centre.

Works to come on board will be the realignment and upgrade of the Annasvale Road from Plymouth to Les Coteaux. We will also improve the street lighting in that thoroughfare.

The construction of a new provision for the Plymouth Recreation Ground is also proposed for the area.

I also want to treat with the fishermen. I will ensure that their needs and wants are taken into consideration and are accomplished.

In my observation, the kind of work I would have done and hearing from the people, I believe that the people would have accepted my good representation and will continue with that representation.

TOP candidate Certica Williams-Orr, 54, retired public servant was asked: Why should you be elected?

Her response:

I think I should be the person whom people vote for on the ballot on Monday because I've been in the community for all my life, in terms of Plymouth and I have a track record of serving the community. Being a public servant for over 35 years, I have used that experience to assist the poor and underprivileged to access services on the social programme.

I think this electoral district is entitled to better representation than they have had over the past 12 years.

The incumbent has been mainly silent and there are definite needs within the community. The electoral district is made up of four distinct communities so the needs would be different.

For example, Plymouth needs housing, village expansion, sustainable jobs, we need solid social programmes.

We have a few promising athletes who have participated in the Carifta games, we can draw from that with solid properly constructed sporting programmes.

You go into Les Coteaux, the arts, the theatre, Golden Mill you need areas in this community where they can showcase their talent.

Infrastructure, roadways, access to homes, village expansion, those areas, especially Golden Lane suffer from a lack of any proper recreational facility.

These are some of the things that face these communities over the years. We can also change our tourism product. Plymouth has a few historical sites we can look at what we offer, how we ask people to come and visit.

As I said before I have had a track record of service. I think the people know me quite well and that confidence in me (has come) not only from the community but based on what has come before, I think they are going to express in me as their next representative come Monday.

TPT candidate Hochoy Charles, TPT political leader, former THA chief secretary was asked: Why should you be elected?

His response:

This election is about Tobago election and that election is about Tobago gaining its power from the Trinidad Government that exercise that power over Tobago, that is what this election is about. Not about any candidate and what we are going to do for the district, we don't have any power in Tobago to do anything.

When we have that power, we can sit down and make a decision and say that we can do something for the fishermen, we are going to do something about education, about our roads, about our communities, about empowerment to the district and know that they can be implemented.

We lack the power, we are still a colony of Trinidad, that's why the Prime Minister and everybody can come to Tobago and say we promise this and that. If we have our power they cannot do that, the Queen of England or the Government of the United Kingdom cannot go to Grenada and say they going to this and do that. They cannot come to Trinidad and say that either, we have our independence from them already.

Tobago can be one of the paradises in the whole Caribbean if we have our power in Tobago you cannot come here and take our resources and leave us where we are. Once we do that Tobago is going to transform into one of the most beautiful places in the whole world.

Our airport is one of the worst in the world, that's why the tourists not coming. People still going to Barbados, they going to Grenada, they not coming to Tobago although they believe that Tobago is one of the unspoilt places in the world, still green, still serene, the hospitality is good, our cuisine is the best, but when you come to the airport you would recognise it is the only airport in the Caribbean that is like that. If the rain is falling the tourists cannot come off.

I could tell you a lot of things that I could build a jetty for the fishermen, but that is not the issue in this election. The power is the real issue.

There are three parties contesting this election, two of those parties are directed and controlled by Trinidad, their aim is to continue to control Tobago. The TPT is the only party representing the people of Tobago in this election.