Sunday, December 17, 2017

Police: Burnt remains may be kidnap victim’s


GRUESOME FIND: A district medical officer and crime scene investigators leave the area at Nagee Road, Hindustan, Princes Town, where burnt human remains suspected to be the body of kidnap victim Devindar Siewdass were discovered yesterday behind a house. —Photo: DEXTER PHILIP

Mark Fraser

BURNT human remains found yesterday in a forested area in Princes Town are believed to be those of kidnap victim Devindar Siewdass, police have said.

The remains were discovered at around 7 a.m. by police officers who had mounted a massive foot and aerial search two hours earlier over the forested terrain off Matriste Road, Nagee Road, Hindustan.

A party of officers of the Anti-Kidnapping Unit, Southern Division Task Force and Homicide Division (South), supported by helicopters, found the remains more than 450 metres from a house.

A senior police officer told the Express it was believed that the remains were there for no more than 24 hours.

Six persons—three men and three women—under the age of 30 who were in the house were detained by police.

Crime scene investigators spent more than 12 hours at the scene, searching the house and combing the surrounding bushes for clues and evidence.

A quantity of marijuana was found in the house, police said.

Siewdass’ family was not at the scene.

Siewdass, 29, of Rudy Avenue, Siewdass Road, Freeport, was last seen on Thursday evening as he left his home in his vehicle.

The vehicle was recovered in Forres Park, Claxton Bay on Friday.

At the Siewdass home yesterday, a female relative, who did not identify herself, said the family did not wish to speak to the media or share a photograph of the kidnap victim since the case was at a sensitive stage and they did not want to jeopardise the matter.

The woman said she did not know of the remains found in Princes Town and did not want to comment.

Siewdass was last seen on Thursday at around 6 p.m. when he left his home driving a black Libero station wagon, PBL 396.

Police were told he did not inform anyone where he was headed.

According to police, his father, Annarood Siewdass, received a phone call hours later demanding $2 million for his return.

The Anti-Kidnapping Squad is spearheading investigations.