Friday, January 19, 2018

Police: Have patience

Be patient.

Police are pleading with the media and the public to exercise patience with the police while they investigate the murder of Dana Seetahal SC.

“I am not going to make a pronouncement on that investigation until the investigative team has furnished the relevant information to me. While I appreciate that the public and the media are, rightfully so, asking questions and demanding answers in the shortest possible time, rest assured that the police are currently pursuing this investigation assiduously to ensure that the perpetrators are brought to justice. But in the meantime, while the investigative team is doing their duties, we are asking for everyone to have patience with us,” acting Superintendent Joanne Archie said at the police press briefing in Port of Spain.

When pressed to clarify discrepancies reported in the media on the type of ammunition used to kill the senior counsel, Archie explained that she did not have the ballistics report on her and as such she did not want to make comments which could potentially compromise the investigation.

When asked how close the police were to apprehending the perpetrators of the crime, Archie said that she could not say whether it would be “tomorrow or the day after” but she revealed that she was optimistic that it would be soon.

To this end she reiterated an appeal made previously by Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams for anyone with information on the killing to step forward and contact either CrimeStoppers at 800-TIPS, hotline number 555 or 625-8234.

Archie was then asked about the possibility that the murder of attorney Wesley Debideen, who was killed last year in the parking lot of Grand Bazaar, could be linked to that of Seetahal, and she noted that she could not comment on that because she did not have such information.

While acknowledging criticisms of the police, Archie defended the organisation, saying that the men and women of the service were doing all within their power to protect the lives of citizens.