Sunday, December 17, 2017

Police arrest man shortly after couple was robbed

 The swift work of Eastern Division police has resulted in the arrest of a 20-year-old man mere moments after a Valencia couple was robbed at gunpoint.

Police reported that at about 9.30 p.m. last Thursday a 29-year-old woman of Flamboyant Crescent, Valencia, was pulling into the driveway of her home in her vehicle when she was approached by an armed man. 

The man placed a firearm to the window of the car, pointed it at the woman, and ordered her to get out the car and open the house. 

As she went inside, the armed assailant came across the woman’s husband, and he ordered the couple to comply with his instructions. 

Shortly after, as the woman was getting her valuables to give to the robber, two other men entered the home and proceeded to tie up the victim’s husband. 

The three men, police said, were all accomplices, and proceeded to rob the family of a quantity of jewelry, cellphones and personal items valued at over $15,000. They then escaped in a waiting vehicle. The woman tended to her husband before making a report to the police. 

An all-points bulletin was transmitted and a vehicle resembling the one used as the getaway car was seen in the Arima district. Police detained a 20-year-old man from Valencia in relation to the car, and he is said to be currently assisting police in their investigations.