Monday, January 22, 2018

Police await report from ballistics tests


Mark Fraser

Police investigators are still awaiting the reports from ballistic experts to determine exactly what kind of ammunition was used to kill Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal on Sunday morning. 

It was widely reported throughout the media since the incident that 5.56mm ammunition was used in the precision attack. That information was provided by officers who responded to the murder scene on O’Connor Street, Woodbrook.

 However, police sources noted yesterday that an “official pronouncement” on the type of ammunition used had not been made and that the ammunition used by the killers may indeed be of a different calibre. 

“The media has been reporting certain information given to them, but that information may or may not be entirely correct. We don’t know for a fact. We are still awaiting the results from ballistic testing, and only then will an official pronouncement be made,” explained a police source close to the investigation.

 “At the scene of the incident, the ammunition recovered did indeed look like the calibre that the media has been reporting, but due to the type of injuries the deceased sustained, it is possible that either another weapon was used, or the calibre of the ammunition is not as it seemed to be. And given the circumstances and the evidence we have attained, the latter seems more likely, so we are just waiting for the results of the ballistic test before we proceed further,” he added. 

Attempts to contact ACP Wayne Dick yesterday afternoon proved futile. 

According to an autopsy, which was performed on Sunday by pathologist Hughvon Des Vignes at the Forensic Science Centre in St James, Seetahal was shot a total of five times by her assailants.

 Des Vignes had told CCN TV6 on Monday that Seetahal was shot twice in the right side of her head, twice in the right forearm and once in the chest.

 It appeared that Seetahal would have raised her right arm in a defensive position as she realised that her attackers had a firearm pointed at her, leading to the injuries she sustained on her right arm. 

At about 11:55 p.m. on Saturday, Seetahal left the Ma Pau casino car park on French Street, Woodbrook, before driving onto Wrightson Road and later turning north onto Hamilton Holder Street, which leads on to O’Connor St.

 Police said at about 12:10 a.m. on Sunday, as she approached the Woodbrook Youth Facility, on O’Connor Street, she was intercepted by two vehicles, one of which blocked the path of her Volkswagen Touraeg, while the occupants of the other vehicle opened fire on her. 

ACP Dick, under the supervision of DCP Glenn Hackett, is continuing investigations.