Friday, January 19, 2018

Police find man shot dead in crashed car

A Siparia man was found shot dead in a crashed car in Marabella on Wednesday night.

Hazzir Mohammed, 48, of Massahood Junction, was discovered by police with gunshot wounds to the face.

Police discovered Mo­hammed at around 11 p.m. in his white B15, which crashed in­to a lamp post in St James Street, after they were called to the area by resi­dents who heard the crash. 

Mohammed was employed at Hi-Lo Food Stores for some 15 years and was last based at the Marabella branch as a supervisor. 

He lived with his father, Abdool Rojan Mohammed, 71, a heart patient and diabetic. 

Mohammed’s fami­ly and neighbours said they were all shocked over his death.

Mohammed’s aunt, Haffiza Mohammed, of Fyzabad, said her ne­phew was a quiet person who loved his family, and attended mosque reg­ularly. 

“I know he is not a child like that. He had a girlfriend a few years ago, but I never met her. If he had those things in his car (sex toy), I don’t know what he could be doing. I still don’t believe it,” said Haniffa Mohammed. 

His father said Mohammed returned from work at around 4.30 p.m. and looked at television. 

At around 7 p.m., he told his father he was going out but did not say where he was headed. 

Mohammed’s neighbour Zanim Mohammed said he and Mohammed would jog in the area on evenings but on Thursday, he (Hazzir) said he was cleaning his house. 

“We would talk about movies and books mostly,” Zanim Mohammed said of their conversations while jogging. 

Mohammed, his family said, had suffered a heart attack some three years ago and his mother, Bashiroon Mohammed, 65, died the following year from cancer.  

He was not married, and had no children. 

Police officers of the Marabella Police Station found Mohammed slumped over the steering wheel. District medical officer Dr Permanand ordered the body removed to the Forensic Sci­­ence Centre in Fede­ration Park. 

An autopsy was expec­ted to be performed yesterday. 

Ag Cpl Bahadoor is investigating. 

Siparia man is murder #174 for 2014. The murder toll at May 22 last year was 145.