Friday, February 23, 2018

Police getting ready to speak with Sharma

 ST JOSEPH police may soon have a conversation with ex-tourism minister Chandresh Sharma in relation to the report of assault filed against him by ex-girlfriend Sacha Singh.

Sharma resigned on Monday in the wake of a police probe into reports made by Singh, who alleged the ex-minister assaulted her at Grand Bazaar on the evening of March 12.

Singh alleged she had confronted Sharma with a woman with whom he allegedly had an affair  and a 12-year-old child who she claimed he had fathered but did not want to maintain.

She claimed that when she did this he became violent towards her.

Sharma has since vowed to clear his name and he only resigned in a bid to protect his party, the People’s Partnership.

According to St Joseph police yesterday, they may speak to the former minister sometime this week, but if he leaves the country they will have no choice but to await his return.