Police let child leave with abduction suspect

By Joel Julien

THE CONDUCT of Mayaro police is currently under investigation after a kidnap victim was taken to the area’s police station to be surrendered on Wednesday, Christmas Day, but instead was allowed to leave with her alleged abductor.
Two-year-old Kassie Providence, who is currently reported as kidnapped at Chaguanas Police Station, was taken to Mayaro Police Station around lunchtime by a woman.
The alleged kidnapper was allowed to leave the station with the two-year-old minutes later, however, without providing proper documentation outlining her relationship to the child, the Express has learnt.
The police also have no address for the woman who has Kassie.
The conduct of on-duty officers at the Mayaro station is now being questioned in relation to the entire incident.
On Saturday, Kassie was taken from the front porch of her family’s Enterprise, Chaguanas, home. She was playing with her two cousins at the time.
The children’s grandmother, Jennifer, ran out the house after she heard Kassie scream.
Jennifer saw a woman resembling a close female relative, who the family has not seen or been in contact with for more than a year, running with Kassie. The woman jumped into a waiting car, which sped off.
Jennifer called her son Janton, who was at work in Toco at the time. Janton is Kassie’s father.
Janton called ChildLine and a report was made to Chaguanas Police Station.
Janton also came to the Express for help and his plight was published in Wednesday’s newspaper.
Around lunchtime on Christmas Day, Kassie was taken to Mayaro Police Station. The report was taken by WPC Sookoo.
ChildLine was contacted and apprised of the situation.
But Chaguanas detectives investigating the case of Kassie’s kidnapping were not contacted.
The woman told the police that she has taken legal action in relation to the custody of Kassie. A summons is supposedly being prepared for Janton.
The court matter is scheduled to be heard at the Rio Claro Magistrates’ Court on January 10.
The action taken by the Mayaro police is currently being investigated as the woman who took Kassie to the station did not provide any documentation proving her relationship to the two-year-old, such as the birth certificate.
Speaking to the Express on Wednesday, Janton said this is his worst Christmas ever.
“All I want to do is see Kassie. The police could have helped with that but they failed,” Janton said.
“I can’t explain how distraught I’m feeling right now. Christmas is supposed to be a time of joy. I am disappointed.”
The proper procedure for Mayaro police to have followed was to contact the Chaguanas police, who are investigating Kassie’s kidnapping, a police source explained.
No such contact was made.
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