Monday, February 19, 2018

...‘Police prepared for any event’

 Acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams said yesterday 22 people were detained during the raid of the Carapo mosque.

Williams said he spoke to the head of the Northern Division about the situation.

“The persons who have been arrested and we have warrants of arrest for, they are to execute those warrants and let those persons go before the courts with those warrants. The persons who we have arrested and we have sufficient evidence in our view to prosecute them, I asked them to consult with the DPP (Director of Public Prosecutions) to get guidance in relation to prosecution, and the persons who we do not have sufficient evidence to prosecute they will release those persons,” Williams said.

Commenting on protests outside the La Horquetta Police Station on Wednesday night where the 22 are being detained, he said justice will run its course.

“We prepare for any event in the country. The issue of protests is almost a norm in the country now and protests will continue to increase from now straight into elections...unions have signalled they will be protesting, different groups have signalled they will be protesting, so we can expect protests,” Williams said.

“The Police Service continues to prepare and we try to do a professional job around managing protests in the country. So whether it is at a police station, whether it is protest action by the Prime Minister’s office wherever it is, by Parliament, we do a professional job in managing it”.

“We try not to increase and fuel it, we try to manage it so that things can be effective. They are entitled (to protest outside the police station). If your relative is arrested you are entitled to call for their release. But just calling for the release does not necessarily mean they will be released,” he said.