Friday, January 19, 2018

Police release Carapo man


Mark Fraser

Police have released a 30-year-old Carapo man who was detained on Saturday night at his home. 

The man was one of a number of persons who were detained on Saturday night during police exercises in Arima and Diego Martin.

At the time, police sources had told the media the men were detained for questioning in connection with the murder of Senior Counsel Dana Seetahal.

However, since then Acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams, Assistant Commissioner of Police Wayne Dick, the head of the Homicide Investigations Bureau, and National Security Minister Gary Griffith have all denied that anyone was arrested or detained as a result of enquiries into the Senior Counsel’s murder.

When contacted for an update yesterday, police sources told the Express that on Monday night, they received instructions to release the 30-year-old man and they had done so.

However, they noted that he and other persons were still under observation.

Today marks 11 days since Seetahal was killed in her Volkswagen SUV along O’Connor Street, Woodbrook.

Officially, senior investigators remain adamant that no one has been held for her death, however,  they have emphasised that the Police Service is at a critical juncture right now in their enquiries, and the public is being asked to be patient.