Sunday, December 17, 2017

Police searching for neighbours of New Year victims


CHOPPED TO DEATH: Omardath Deokienanan

Mark Fraser

AT LEAST two persons who lived in the neighbourhood where double murder victims Omardath Deokienanan and Sharon Bahadoor who were stabbed and chopped to death on New Year’s Day are being sought by police. 

A detective said yesterday that a dispute over land is being looked at as a motive for the killings, but they have also received other information which was being investigated. 

Police had initially theorised that the couple was robbed after their white Nissan B-14, with blood stains inside, was discovered crashed a short distance from their home at Cemetery Street, Inverness, but later discovered none of the couple’s belongings were missing. 

Police discovered Deokienanan’s body near a water tank, and about 50 metres away found Bahadoor’s body in a canefield. Bahadoor’s mouth was bound with duct tape and she was stabbed to death. Deokienanan’s hands were tied and he was chopped to death. Bahadoor had three children from a previous relationship. 

The funerals for the couple are expected to be held this weekend.