Sunday, February 25, 2018

Police seize gun, ammo: teen ‘LifeSport member’ held

A 16-year-old boy said to be a LifeSport programme participant has been detained by police following the seizure of a gun and ammunition.

In the last three days, officers of the Northern Division Task Force (NDTF) have recovered two high-powered firearms during police exer­cises in Carapo and Arima.

The latest incident took place around 9.30 a.m. yesterday in Arima.

According to police reports, members of the NDTF led by Sergeant Matthew Haywood, with assistance from Cpl Teddeus Caraballo, Cpl Harper, PC Scipio and WPC Caruth, acting on information received, executed a search warrant at a home in Arima in the presence of a woman and her 16-year-old son.

At the home, the officers found a chrome .38 revolver loaded with four rounds of .38 ammunition.

As a result of the find, the two relatives were detained and were said to be assisting police with their enquiries up to late yesterday.

Cpl Caraballo is expected to lay charges.

On Monday night, a similar exer­cise was conducted in Carapo, resulting in the arrest of one man and seizure of a high-powered rifle.

According to police reports, officers of the NDTF led by Sgt Haywood and including Cpl Caraballo, Cpl Pooran Sookram, PC Anil Andrews and PC Kern Williams, among others, were on mobile patrol in Carapo, when around 6.30p.m. the officers received certain information.

They then made their way to Race Course Road, Carapo, to a location near the Carapo Mosque where they encountered two men, one of whom appeared to be armed with a rifle, police said.

Upon seeing the police vehicle, both men attempted to flee the scene by running in different directions, police said.

The officers chased the man who was seen with the rifle and he was held a short distance away with the weapon.

The other man has not been held.

Cpl Sookram is continuing enquiries in this matter.