Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Police visit Express House

...searching for declaration by Patricia Singh in Glenn probe



Mark Fraser

Two groups of police officers have visited the  Express offices in Port of Spain to search for a document as they investigate an allegation by a Central Trinidad woman that she was made to perform sex acts on fired minister of the people Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh.

Two police officers, who identified themselves as acting inspector Rawle Ramdeo and WPC Gomez, visited Express House on Independence Square on April 3, saying they had a search warrant from a magistrate to search the premises for a statutory declaration made by 47-year-old Central housewife Patricia Singh.

Singh went to the Port of Spain CID office last month accompanied by her attorney Nizam Mohammed, and alleged that Ramadharsingh made her perform sex acts on him at his former office in Port of Spain in 2011 and about three months ago to fast track a Housing Development Corporation (HDC) application for her.

Singh’s account of the alleged incidents were carried in a front page Sunday Express exclusive story on April 6.

She also stated her disapproval at having to perform the acts in a sworn statutory declaration which was viewed by the Sunday Express.

On April 3, the police officers visited the Express to search for the statutory declaration.

 The Express contacted attorney Faarees Hosein and the officers were advised that he was on his way to the premises.

They left before he arrived, without attempting to conduct a search.

The officers visited Hosein at his Port of Spain office about a week later and advised him that the police were investigating allegations made by Singh and wanted to see the original statutory declaration.

Hosein was shown both an original and a copy which the officers had in their possession.

Yesterday, a new group of five officers, including two women police officers, again visited the Express with a search warrant to look for the declaration.

Attorney Sophia Chote, SC, was contacted by the Express as the paper’s lawyer and she met with the officers for several minutes from about 1.10 p.m. at Express House.

The officers came to the Express days after Chote, following communication with attorney Hosein, wrote to acting Police Commissioner Stephen Williams, asking if the “harassment” of the Express could be brought to an end.

In her April 25 correspondence to Williams, Chote noted that after Hosein was shown an original and a copy of the statutory declaration which the police were seeking to get from the Express, the “irresistible inference to be drawn here is that when the police obtained a search warrant they already had in their possession the material they claimed to be seeking and that they sought to execute an unlawfully obtained search warrant on my client”.

Ramadharsingh, who was fired as a minister on March 25 following an incident with a flight attendant on a Caribbean Airlines flight from Tobago to Trinidad, in April “categorically and unequivocally” refuted all of Singh’s allegations.

“I refer to allegations published/printed/raised in a daily newspaper dated Sunday, April 6, 2014 headlined ‘GLENN IN SEX PROBE’,” Ramadharsingh said in a release.

“I wish to categorically and unequivocally refute all allegations contained in the aforementioned article, and to further state that such a report is misleading, baseless and without any merit whatsoever.”