Thursday, February 22, 2018

Police Service 'working to improve murder detection rate'

Of the 71 murders committed in Trinidad and Tobago by March 2012, only seven had been solved up to that time.

Pressed about the homicide detection rate, acting Commissioner of Police Stephen Williams yesterday stated the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) has been concerned about the low detection rate for homicides in 2012 and "we will be working in 2013 to improve those rates".

Williams, who spoke to the Express yesterday afternoon, also said that besides increased action from the police, members of the public can contribute to the raising of this detection rate by playing their part and working alongside the police, in terms of providing tips that would lead to the apprehension of those responsible for the murders.

He assured, however, that "this year we will be calling for more cooperation from our stakeholders, as the TTPS will deliver an improved service as promised, as we are heightening our activity, including continued engagement with the public," he said.

Williams was also satisfied with respect to recent reports about a drop in serious crime activity island-wide. He said that in November 2010 there were 1,593 serious crimes recorded in Trinidad and Tobago, while in November 2011 there were 1,221 serious crimes recorded, as he admitted that the state of emergency would have contributed to that.

"But then in November 2012, we recorded 1,184 serious crimes, which means that the Police Service has outperformed even the period of November when we had the state of emergency," said Williams.

"Print that," he commanded.