Friday, February 23, 2018

Police kill gunman after night of terror in Couva

A 37-year-old crab catcher was shot and killed by police at a gated community in Couva on Thursday night after he allegedly terrorised and shot at residents.

Ramlal Ramnarine, a father of two, of First Street, Pranz Gardens, Couva, died at the compound around 7.30 p.m. at the Savonetta Estate.

Police said the deceased was dressed in camouflage clothing.

A resident, who spoke on the condition of anonymity, said around 6.50 p.m. another resident heard gunshots ring out on the compound and decided to check.

The man jumped in his car and, while driving around, he saw Ramnarine jump over a wall and enter the compound.

He said Ramnarine was walking erratically on the road brandishing a firearm. The resident called neighbours on his cellphone, when Ramnarine saw him and fired three shots at the vehicle.

The back windscreen was shattered, and neighbours quickly alerted one another that a shooter was on the loose.

The residents hid in their homes and Ramnarine entered an abandoned house on the compound. The owner of the house was contacted and he arrived within minutes with police vehicles following.

Ramnarine came out of the house and stood in the roadway and flagged down one of the vehicles.

Unaware that he was the shooter since he was wearing camouflage clothing, the driver of one of the vehicles stopped and Ramnarine sat in the back seat.

He placed a gun to the driver's head and ordered him to drive, saying he had just shot four people on the compound.

The man drove off, but jumped out of the vehicle and alerted others that the suspect was behind him. Ramnarine also emerged from the vehicle and attempted to run, but was shot by police.

Ramnarine's sister, Diane Kumarsingh, said he was shot at least 40 times, since his entire body was riddled with bullets.

"We want to get answers," Kumarsingh said. "Even if he was trespassing, why shoot him so much about his body?"

Couva police are investigating.