Monday, February 19, 2018

Police plans well-oiled

Nothing to report, says Assistant CoP...

The atmosphere had vibes and thousands of revellers bounced and floated through the streets as Jouvert, the opening of Carnival dawned; crimewise, the police service described this Carnival Monday as "quiet".

Assistant Commissioner of Police Mervyn Richardson spoke to reporters as he chipped past the South Quay, Port of Spain judging point late Jouvert morning yesterday saying there was "nothing to report".

"Carnival so far has been very quiet. Nothing to report in San Fernando, Port of Spain, central and Tobago. I have spoken to all divisions and they have all reported everything quiet so far," Richardson said.

Richardson said all police plans for the Carnival festivities were well-oiled and operating smoothly, He said police road blocks leading up to the revelry have caught some people, and some (weapons) were seized, but there were no major incidents to report.

"They are not entering the city because we have (confiscated them) at the point of entry. Those persons (apprehended) are with us," he said.

Richardson said police were on patrol on land, air and sea, and would continue to be out in force over both Carnival Monday and Tuesday. In Port of Spain, he added, there were 1,100 police officers on patrol.

To the public, Richardson said he wanted to thank citizens for keeping it clean, and that the police were looking to elicit support to maintaining a safe Carnival.

"We don't want people wearing excessive (jewelry). Take care of children, and drive safely and everything will be nice. The police are there to support," he said.

Richardson also advocated road safety practices.

"We are asking the population to exercise caution when leaving fetesó drive with caution; if you have to drink, don't drive; and if you have to drive, don't drink," he said. Richardson said he hoped this would be a "very good Carnival," especially when the police, army and other law enforcement were put to support.