Thursday, January 18, 2018

Policeman who fired shots in Caura released pending enquiries

 A police constable, who was arrested on Saturday afternoon at Caura River after he allegedly took out a personal firearm and began firing shots into the air, has been released from custody pending further enquiries. 

This was confirmed yesterday afternoon by senior officers of the Northern Division.

The constable, who was said to be based in the Southern Division as a CID officer with more than 15 years, created a major scare for bathers and limers at the popular spot when he pulled out his licensed firearm at about 4 p.m. on Saturday. 

According to police reports, the constable was seen displaying his personal firearm before he started firing his weapon into the air. This action caused those who had packed the river to scamper for safety,

Uniformed police officers, who were on duty at the time, heard the shots and made their way over to the constable and warned him about his actions.

Despite this, he allegedly fired his weapon once again into the air. The constable was immediately detained and taken to Arima Police Station, where he was detained over the weekend. 

Police sources emphasised to the Express that although the officer may have been released, investigations into the incident are continuing.