Thursday, December 14, 2017

Policy on glass bottles for Carnival


ONGOING TALKS: Mervyn Richardson

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DISCUSSIONS are currently taking place among the Police Service, beverage makers and Carnival stakeholders to determine a policy to control the use of glass bottles inside fetes and on the streets for Carnival 2013.

So said Deputy Police Commissioner Mervyn Richardson as he addressed the first police press briefing for the new year last Thursday at the police administration building in Port of Spain.

"It is a collaborative effort that is taking place and we hope to have a position taken within the next week or two.

"Right now, discussions are taking place among the stakeholders to see how we will police Carnival with or without glass bottles," he said.

Last year, Port of Spain Mayor Louis Lee Sing called for a ban of glass bottles in the capital city for Carnival.

However, then-local government minister Chandresh Sharma said Lee Sing's actions were not within law.

Former deputy police commissioner Jack Ewatski also said that Lee Sing's proposed ban would not be enforced.

Richardson also advised that this year's Carnival route will be revealed in the next couple of days.

"We have a team appointed to deal with that (the Carnival route) and Deputy Commissioner (Raymond) Craig is the designated point of contact.

"However, I spoke with him ten minutes ago and he assured me there has been collaboration among the stakeholders of Carnival and they have agreed on the band route, so there is agreement, so the police are not in any way the cog in the wheel in facilitating that," said Richardson.