Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Powder buy-out


devilish: A cute red devil, at Downtown, Port of Spain Jouvert. —Photo: ANISTO ALVES

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Water and to a lesser extent powder were among the top sellers on Carnival Monday. Beer and sno-cone trailed behind as consumers' favourites.

While the water was used to re-hydrate fatigued masqueraders, the powder was purely for aesthetics as several bands crossed various judging points in a cloud of powder and by the time they reached the vendors and small shops on Charlotte Street, needed to replenish for the next stop.

One small retailer said as per usual, stockings and tights were big sellers as well. Another shop had heaps of Carnival shoes and boots near the door, just in case of a shoe emergency.

"As soon as they cross downtown and turn up Charlotte, they realise they need," one shop owner said.

This is the first year so many bands passed on Charlotte Street as they usually went up Abercromby Street from Independence Square.

Though most shop fronts on Abercromby remained closed and boarded last year, the shops lining Charlotte Street remained opened. Fruit vendors also lined the pavement with easily eaten fruits, including already peeled and halved oranges going by the bag.

Several Charlotte Street vendors expressed their appreciation that some bands bypassed the Picadilly judging point in favour of the lack of congestion on Charlotte Street.

Nearer the final Queen's Park Savannah judging point, sno-cone sales picked up as revellers started feeling the heat on the stretch to the Savannah stage.

Plastic cups, national flags, balloons and hats were also displayed, but vendors said sales were disappointing.

"People walking prepared this year," one man said.