Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Restoration of accountability

Prakash on firing of ministers:


MORAL GROUND: Prakash Ramadhar

Mark Fraser

Leader of the Congress of the People (COP) Prakash Ramadhar has described the firing and resignation of more than a dozen government  ministers and senators since the coalition took office in 2010, as “a restoration of accountability” and not signs of a weakening Government.

Speaking with the media just before a COP delegation presented the party’s “People Charter” — a code of conduct for behaviour in political life — to the directors of the Elections and Boundaries Commission (EBC) yesterday at the EBC’s, Frederick Street, head office, Ramadhar responded to the PNM’s view that the government was weakening.

“This is the transformed politics we want to see; in the past we have had persons who represented this nation under the PNM in a foreign country and basically had to be deported become ministers and I don’t want now to personalise things but I can go through a long list of wrong doing by PNM persons of the past and recently. 

“Even at Balisier House you had a situation where one of the members of Parliament put some blows on someone without any consequence and that person continues without any consequence to sit in the Parliament, their party speaks nothing of it, so it is easy for them now to try to condemn a very noble position that if you do wrong or there are serious allegations of it you have to step aside and let an investigation be concluded”.

Ramadhar added that he saw the dismissal of former minister of the people and social development Dr Glenn Ramadharsingh and former minister of tourism Chandresh Sharma over the past week as “a restoration of the accountability that the PP promised the people of Trinidad and Tobago”. 

“So if more has to go because of wrong doing then so be it. But in terms we will never see again in this country wrong taking place without consequence and that has seeped through the length and breath of this nation you could do what you want and get away with it. 

“We say we have to retake that moral ground that we all grew up with, that strength from the communities that have in last — 10 or 15 years or more just seemed  to have washed away, our sense of values have seemed to have gone and responsibility so this is a step in restoring that and the Government setting that example is critical.” 

“We have very imperfect politics but the partnership has worked in the COP we had great ambition in 2007; we were able to achieve none of them until we came into government with our partners,” he pointed out.

Ramadhar added that they have made mistakes and mistakes will be made but the people of this country have benefited from this Government.