Sunday, January 21, 2018

Prakash: Committee will investigate

Incident between Muradali and girlfriend

Congress of the People leader Prakash Ramadhar has ordered an enquiry into an incident at a south Trinidad mall between party member and San Fernando Mayor Dr Navi Muradali and his girlfriend.

On Saturday, Muradali issued a statement, saying that the incident with his girlfriend at the Gulf City Mall carpark on December 21 was exaggerated.

He said a "public disagreement" took place between his girlfriend and himself as they were exiting the mall, during which "harsh words" were exchanged by both but "no physical harm was done to either party".

Muradali said both parties used social networking site Facebook to vent their feelings but the disagreement has been resolved.

Neither party made a report to the police, he said.

Ramadhar, speaking with the media after yesterday's national council meeting, admitted that neither he nor the COP executive has yet met with Muradali regarding the incident but a committee has been appointed to begin a fact-finding enquiry.

"In the media and on the blogs there has been a call for action to be taken," Ramadhar said at the COP operational centre in Charlieville.

"We in the COP hold firm to the belief that we must never act to allegations and insinuations without finding facts," he said, adding that the committee has been mandated to speak to Muradali, witnesses and other people involved.

Ramadhar promised to look at the "holistic picture" of the incident, before deciding whether the COP's code of ethics might have been breached. He said the committee is expected to present its findings within a short period of time.

He said there was a "wide range of penalties" for breaching the party's code of ethics, but refused to divulge what they were until after the committee made its findings available.

Ramadhar said in light of Muradali's public statement, which was all the information he had on the matter so far, there seemed to be "no physical or inappropriate conduct".