Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Prakash: Govt worth saving

Congress of the People (COP) political leader Prakash Ramadhar said all the members of the People's Partnership ought to assess themselves so that the Government will not fail.

He said the success of the Partnership was worth saving and its failure could have a damaging effect on future generations.

Ramadhar was speaking at the COP's annual Christmas dinner held in San Fernando on Sunday night.

"It is not too late to know that this political vehicle called the PP is the best we have ever known. We must commit ourselves, all the partners, to assess where we went wrong, how we hurt each other and fix it. Because if we don't then the Partnership will not be successful," he said.

"If we should allow by neglect and allow it to fail, we will bear responsibility for damaging future generations. We have to engage our partners and articulate differently so that we can build each other.

"A partnership for the people is worth saving. Every relationship has growing pains, we must learn from those problems."

Ramadhar said the COP would not lose its identity in the People's Partnership, but had the power to inspire youth to enter politics.

"Let us not take on the problems of the past and not be distracted by matters of today. We have a responsibility to chart a new future and create a nation in this time. That is the enormity of the task. The humiliation, political and personal embarrassment we face, but we have given our lives to the service of this nation.

"Political life is not easy and when times get tough don't allow emotions to rise to the front, let your strength rise to the front and don't be tempted to ruin what we have."

Ramadhar said he intended, as promised, to deliver to the nation a draft constitution by May next year.

"Constitutional reform by the hand of God has been placed into the safe hands of the COP," he said.

"I have been given that sacred responsibility and I have made it my duty to perform it. We will always have different points of view and we may express it in a way that it hurts one another, but that is the price we have to pay."