Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Prakash promises Constitution reform


thankful: Prakash Ramadhar

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Legal Affairs Minister and Congress of the People leader Prakash Ramadhar yesterday stated that in 2013 he will keep the promise to deliver on Constitution reform.

"This year the responsibility of Constitution reform, allowing citizens to participate in the way we govern ourselves, has been placed on the Ministry of Legal Affairs. I sincerely intend to keep the promise to deliver a draft by this coming May. Indeed our outlook is optimistic and as we aspire to a bright future, we must be thankful to Almighty God," said Ramadhar in a release to the press.

Ramadhar stated that in the new year there will be rolled over challenges, new obstacles as well as new opportunities.

One of the major hurdles facing the global community, he said, is the contagion effects of the 2008 economic meltdown.

He noted that the United States now has to deal with a fiscal cliff hanging over their financial future.

Ramadhar added that another hurdle is the governance dilemma which continues to haunt several countries in the Middle East.

"The Arab Spring seems to have spread to all four seasons with the horrible loss of thousands of innocent lives. Crime, including those directed to women and children, continues to plague most nations.

"New media privacy issues are emerging as a new 21st Century challenge. Against this background, I am certain that the vast majority of our citizens appreciated how fortunate we are. Little wonder a recent worldwide survey commissioned by CNN has revealed that the people of Trinidad and Tobago are among the happiest in the world," he stated.

This country, said Ramadhar, boasts of freedom of speech, with more than 30 radio stations, three major daily newspapers, seven television stations and easy access to the new media, while all political parties subscribe to the principles of multiculturalism and freedom of religious expression.

He urged the people to keep faith as we pursue the task of forging a unique society united in purpose.

"We have the capacity to carry this nation to great heights as all our leaders have done in the past. Let us not be daunted by any form of setback in the past year," stated Ramadhar.