Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Prank callers demand payment for info

The parents of missing teenager Nicole Jaggan have reported prank calls by people demanding payment for information on her whereabouts.

Police confirmed investigators were tracing telephone numbers of people who contacted the family.

Jaggan’s mother, Vicki Bhag­wan­dass-Jaggan, said, “A man called and said he wanted $6,000 for information on my daughter. I was trying to scrape up the money because I want my daughter back. But I cannot afford that. And then we were advised to go to the police. I called some police friends and they came immediately and took the number.”

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said her family was not wealthy, but she would try her best to reward anyone with genuine information on her daughter.

“I can’t even stand up now. People think I pretending but this is true. I don’t know where my child is. I just want to find her; I cannot go on like this. Not knowing where she is just killing me,” she said.

Jaggan, 18, was last seen on Mon­day after her mother dropped her off in Penal to get a taxi to attend classes at a hairdressing school in San Fernando.

Jaggan did not turn up for classes that day.

A missing persons report was made to the Penal Police Station that day, and flyers with her picture have been posted in San Fernando and Penal, and on social networking site Facebook.

The police have no clues as to whe­ther the girl left home voluntarily or whether something bad has hap­pened.

The teenager was last seen wear­ing a red jacket, blue jeans and a pair of sandals. She carried a white handbag with flowers.

Bhagwandass-Jaggan said nothing appeared missing from her daughter’s room and no one has contacted the family with genuine information since her disappearance.

“We are market vendors, we don’t have money. The little we have, we using it to search for her. We haven’t worked since Monday,” she said.

The Anti-Kidnapping Squad and officers attached to the Penal Police Station are continuing investigations.

Anyone with information can contact the Penal Police Station at 647-1233 or the family at 757-3012, 473-3947 or 770-7731.