Thursday, February 22, 2018

Family grieves: pregnant wife in hospital

2 killed in maxi accident...



Mark Fraser

ON HEARING the news that her husband was killed in an accident the eight-months-pregnant wife of maxi-taxi driver, Stephen Bubb had to be rushed to the Port of Spain General Hospital.

Bubb, 31, of Upper Haig Street, Carenage, along with Trevlyn Kerr, 31, of Mt Pleasant Road, Carenage, were killed on Wednesday around 5.30 p.m. when a maxi-taxi being driven by Bubb at the time collided with a Public Transport Service Corporation (PTSC) bus.

The accident occurred along the Western Main Road in Carenage near the vicinity of the Alcoa Bauxite storage facility.

The circumstances remain unclear. The families of Bubb and Kerr have called for a thorough investigation.

 It is alleged that the PTSC bus was heading out of the Carenage area and encountered an oily substance on the road, following which it swerved and slammed into the maxi-taxi which was heading in the opposite direction.

The PTSC  issued a statement yesterday and offered condolences to the family stating that, “the PTSC would like to reiterate its commitment to road safety and wishes to advise the public that the corporation has been retraining its drivers and focusing on its road safety campaign.”

When reporters visited the Bubb family at their Upper Haig Street, Carenage home they were still coming to terms with his death. He was the father of two children resident in Trinidad along with one who lives in the United States.

His wife Sabrina Bubb is pregnant with Bubb’s fourth child and the Express was told that when she heard about her husband’s death she immediately took ill. Fearing for both mother and child she was taken to the hospital by relatives and up to last night her condition was listed as stable. They had been married for more than a year. 

Bubb’s brothers however spoke to reporters via Skype.

Ignatius Cobb who lives in Maryland in the US said the last time he was in Trinidad was last year and added that based on the reports he heard so far, the Government was at fault for not maintaining the roads.

He said when he was in Trinidad last year he did some jogging in the Carenage area and encountered the oily road near the Alcoa facility. He said, “if the Government maintained the road properly that accident would not have happened.”

He said, “Our brother was very dear to our hearts man and I expect the Government to compensate them because my brother had a wife and three children because the guy (Bubb) had a lot of potential.”

Chester Cobb in New York said, “he was a very loving person. He was a good person, very ambitious and an entrepreneur and this death has really taken an emotional toll on us.”

The Express also visited the home of the other victim, Trevlyn Kerr.

She worked at the Yachting Services Association of Trinidad and Tobago (YSATT) in Chaguaramas and was described by relatives as a positive person.

Joseph Kerr, her brother said, “although she was my younger sister she was like a mom to me.”

“We need an investigation and a proper one into this thing.” 

He described his sister as a positive person. “She was an inspiration to me and for 2014 we had plans but this accident caused all those plans to shatter because she was a woman who gave me inspiration.”

He said that his sister loved her job as a supervisor with at YSATT and she was a workaholic.

Four Roads Police are continuing investigations.