Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Princes Town school opens, but few pupils show up

FEW pupils showed up for school yesterday at Princes Town East Secondary School, although it has been declared safe from mould.

President of the school’s Parent Teacher Association (PTA) Carlon  Mohammed said by today school “will be in full swing”.

For six weeks, although the school had not been officially closed, teachers and pupils stayed away from classes citing the presence of mould.

Last week, Alicia Busby, the Ministry of Education’s communications officer, said tests were conducted by Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (Cariri).

Its conclusion was: “Based on the observations made during the site visit, test results  obtained and the resulting indoor and outdoor ratios, there is no direct evidence to suggest that there is an Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) issue due to fungal contamination, at the indoor areas included in this assessment.”

Mohammed said  a copy of the report was given to the school’s representative of Trinidad and Tobago Unified Teachers’ Association (TTUTA).

“There was no incident of itching or anything like that. I think that things are regularised. We will monitor the situation during the week to ensure that there are no further complaints.” he said.

The last time the Ministry announced the resumption of classes                                                                   at the school, teachers and pupils left the compound seeking medical attention after complaining of itching, runny eyes and breathing problems.