Thursday, February 22, 2018

Producer stabbed 8 times by bandit

...recovering at hospital after attack at home

The theatre fraternity is reeling over the attemp­ted murder and attemp­ted carjacking of pro­ducer/director Gregory Singh.

On Monday night, Singh, founder of the production company Funny Farm Factory Pro­-

ductions, was stabbed eight times in his back by a man who demanded that Singh hand over his car keys as he was locking the front gate at his Arouca home. 

Singh is currently at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex in Mount Hope where he is recovering from the attack.

Fluid needs to be drained from his lungs, which were punctured, but Singh is in good spirits and ma­king sure all is well with this weekend’s run of Mid Life Cros­by, starring Nikki Crosby, working from his bed.

Singh is producing the show, in collaboration with Crosby and Penelope Spencer.

Singh told the Express yesterday he had gone to lock his gate when the man rushed at him, push­ing his way into the yard and deman­ding his car keys.

When he refused, the man attacked Singh, who tried to escape into his house.

The assailant began to stab Singh in his back.

“I went inside, but the man pushed his way in. I did not know what he had in his hand and at first thought it was a piece of wood, but when I felt the stab , I realised it could have been a knife. I pushed back out on to the porch and when he realised that we could be seen from the road, he ran off,” Singh said.

The doctor told Singh yesterday the fluid is draining well and he expects the procedure will be completed by today and, once all goes well, he should be discharged by tomorrow.

Singh said he believes one of his angels was there protecting him and the incident has really brought home to him the reality of where things are in Trinidad and To­bago.

“My brother and I have already spoken about what we will need to do to be safer and how we will be more vigilant. 

“I have been thinking about how in an instant, someone can come in and just change your life. I will however not allow fear to govern my life. I will be more aware but not live in fear,” Singh said.

Crosby told the Express she was shocked and disturbed over the incident, but very thankful that Singh is alive and on the mend.

“This is not good at all, but it could have been much worse. I am thankful he is alive,” Crosby said.